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"Dr. Ewing is an inspiring, motivational presenter. His knowledge is what dreams are made of in the teaching profession."

Jim Ewing
How are the students at your school doing in math? Most teachers confess that they are not prepared to teach English language learners and most training for ELLs does not discuss how to teach math.

My name is Dr. Jim Ewing. I have experience, know research-based strategies, and I am trained to motivate teachers.

I can help.
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How do I develop math mindsets for students of poverty?

Students of poverty typically are more prone to stress and tend to give up more easily. It is especially important to find math problems that relate to their lives so they will be more motivated to persevere to solve the problems. There are more and more  students of poverty in our schools. Teachers have pressure […]

I was an elementary teacher in Spain and the United States for 25 years. I served as an administrator for 8 years. I use research-based strategies because I am an education professor. Combined with training from Eric Jensen, this experience prepares me to give meaningful workshops that have real classroom impact.
There are more and more English language learners and students of poverty in our schools. Teachers have pressure to raise students’ test scores in math and across the board. I motivate teachers with strategies to address the most important issues. How can you meet the needs of all students? Let me help.

“He brings a great atmosphere, positive attitude. His introduction gave me all the information I needed to understand how our ELLs must feel in the classroom and helpful tools to help ELLs feel more included.”

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