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Workshops: Math for All, Including ELLs & Students of Poverty

Are you struggling at your school to reach all of the students in math?

Let me help. I combine my experience as a teacher (25 years in USA and Spain) with research-based strategies (I am an education mathematics professor). Furthermore, I am trained by Eric Jensen to give motivating, meaningful, and useful workshops.

Math for All, Including English Language Learners

Are you wondering how to reach all of your students in math and at the same time meet the needs of the ELLs in your class? I will share strategies, resources and lesson plans with you. I give motivating workshops on how to teach math to all students, including ELLs.

Math for All, Including Students of Poverty

Are your students of poverty struggling in math? Growing up in poverty can actually affect the way our brains develop; however, brains are not static and can change. Click here for strategies to develop brains that learn effectively.

Eric Jensen, a foremost researcher on understanding students of poverty, trained me to lead impactful professional development workshops. In my workshops and teaching, I apply Jensen’s strategies specifically to math. Please click here to learn how I helped students in math at a high-poverty school.

Interested in hosting a workshop? Please share your information and I will contact you soon.

Thank you! -Jim

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